Backstage News On Who Was Behind Parking Lot Fight On AEW Dynamite, Original Plans For The Match


Here’s all that went down behind one of the most iconic fights

Way back in March, right after the industry was shut down owing to the outbreak of Coronavirus, Tony Khan, CEO and President of AEW came up with the crazy idea of Parking Lot Fight.

For Dynamite’s main event on Wednesday, the match saw a fight between Chuck Taylor and Trent of Best Friends and Santana and Ortiz which went on to become one of the most memorable and loved. Fans, wrestlers and critics alike praised the show and called the match as one of the best street fights ever. 

 Jerry Lynn’s contribution in the fight:

In an interview, Santana revealed that most of the fight was put together thanks to the producer, Jerry Lynn’s efforts. Naturally, the four wrestlers also gave their inputs and ideas about what could happen.

In an interview, Santana and Ortiz praised an experienced Lynn who guided the wrestlers with “a bunch of crazy ideas” that helped them film the match all in one take.

They further revealed how the producer didn’t want the wrestlers to make the match look like “building furniture” and harp on things but instead “bout to flow” and they successfully managed to do just that and convey exactly what they felt, i.e., “for a lack of a better term, murder each other”. 

 Initial contenders: 

Before the Best Friends were chosen, it was Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix of Lucha Brothers who first considered to go up against Santana and Ortiz. However, it was Santana who later on suggested they go against Trent and Chuck Taylor of Best Friends.


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 How Parking Lot Fight was conceived:

During conceptualization meetings for the Dynamite show to be held on March 18, Khan came up with Parking Lot Fight. The match was initially to be fought between Chuck Taylor and Trent of Best Friends and Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix of Lucha Brothers for the Blood and Guts Dynamite edition that would air on March 25 but was axed owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 About the fight: 

Thanks to Orange Cassidy’s assistance, Best Friends managed to score a win as Trent slammed a wood plank lying across a truck bed into Ortiz. The match was praised for being filmed all in one take apart from certain editing that removed the profanities.


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