Bad accident is ahead of Diane Hutchinson – says Hollyoaks star

Source: Digital Spy

Some danger does exist ahead of Hollyoaks star Alex Fletcher’s character, Diane Hutchinson. It leads to a totally bad experience or rather we can call it an accident which initially arose from her escalating fears over her family’s safety. We have previously witnessed Diane struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The disorder is actually a mental health condition which can manifest in obsessive repetitive thoughts and a compulsion of performing certain behaviors.

Over the recent weeks, pregnant Diane was seen extremely anxious with ensuring that her family is safe as well as keeping her home clean and tidy. She is getting obsessed about everything to an extent wherein she has also started to believe that the electrical system in her home is not safe. In addition to that, she has begun to generate this weird fear about everything that happens in her house.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Diane fears that a fire could break out in her house when a lightbulb blows off. She then requests her husband Tony Hutchinson (played by Nick Pickard) to consult the electrician and have a closer look into the matter. However, he brushes off this request. Even after having had explained her that these fears are not substantial enough, Diane further gets anxious and cancels her ultrasound appointment at the hospital.

She is certainly worrying too much to be capable of getting herself out to go to the hospital. In fact, the same was also admitted by actress Alex who told this to Inside Soap recently. She further added that it was completely irresponsible on Diane’s part to skip her appointment. She herself assumes that she already has enough information of bringing out kids into existence and therefore takes this big step.


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