BAFTA Unveils Over 120 Changes Following Major Diversity Review Into Awards


Watershed Moment: 120 Changes Of BAFTA, following Major Diversity Review into Awards:

As per the latest updates, there are more than 120 changes for the process of voting, membership, and campaigning to address the lack of diversity issues in the BAFTA Awards. 

This is considered to be the watershed moment for BAFTA claimed by the chair, Krishnendu Majumdar.

Eye Opener!

The changes which were proposed after 7 months of humbling and comprehensive internal and external review, eye-opening at times, were unveiled on Thursday in response to the controversies erupted in Jan 2020 BATFA Film Nomination process where all-white nominees were in the top acting categories and all the directors were males.

Glimpse of Amendments 

These 120 significant and wide-ranging changes are considered to be the biggest BAFTA changes that were ever implemented. Below are the major ones: 

  1. 3 Rounds of Introduction of a new longlist in voting
  2. Increase in Nomination Listing
  3. Categories Rule Amendments,
  4. Introducing acting and directing categories with diversifications;
  5. One Round Voting include the compulsion of viewing the complete film
  6. Expansion of BAFTA’s voting members, with the at least count of 1000 that targets those from under-represented groups, 
  7. Screenings onto a new digital platform.

This is considered to be the “Watershed Moment” for BAFTA as the academy was never opened up like this before. The review and steering group was led by Krishnendu Majumdar and Marc Samuelson.

Krishnendu Majumdar View

As claimed by Krishnendu Majumdar in an interview, the changes are as “Wholesale” and “Interlocking” and will change the face of the Academy forever for making it more strong. 

He further admitted that after the discussions with 400 odd industry professionals, he felt incredibly uncomfortable, and at the occasion, he and Samuelson had broken down and wept, dint sleep on one of the nights due to the first-hand information about racial discriminations across the industry.

As per Krishnendu Majumdar, these changes are a way to level the field, which was long-awaited by the people of the industry. These changes will not push the voters what to vote for rather make them more aware of their responsibility towards the industry and the society as a whole.


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