The new game that had recently come out in pretrial version has released a new patch that has some updates and brand new features. Here is all the information you need to know.


The game’s name is Baldur Gate 3. This is a RPG type game. Right now it was only released in trial basis with the full version planned to release some time later. In the new patch the game will reset itself when applied that means all the progress you made so far will be erased. But this data lose will be compensated with better character movement. The ability to hide the helmet has been added.

Spells are easier to use now. The character stops running properly. Falling from high places will now give damages. The combat music will not stop when a character will join the Combat. The overall look of the control has been improved. The camera options have now been refined. Experience will be awarded for small quest as well. A new rolling initiative sound has been added.

The character Fire bolt, Ray of Frost and Acid Flash are no longer creating surfaces on impact. You cannot perform infinite actions anymore. Melle attack now can only be performed with a finesse weapon. The price of armor has dropped 800GP and there are many more new features that have been introduced in the game.

The complete list of changes and fixes is very long we recommend that you download the patch, install it and see for yourself what all new is here. 


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