Barbie Handles Discussing Racism Better Than Real People


Racism is growing rapidly and especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. And people are dealing with it in their way. Recently, the Iconic Mattel toy Barbie has won hearts after discussing racism with her best friend Nicole “Nikki” O’Neil.

She handled the controversial topic very incredibly in a new post on the famed doll’s vlog.

From walking on a moon to going on a safari, Barbie would have been through different turbulent eras. The world has also been rough to her, but still, Barbie continued to entertain kids in their childhood.

In the last few months, after George Floyd’s death, many people are revolting against each other. Racial inequality, and protests, has risen as well. So Barbie tried to help and spread positivity through her vlog.

She plays an important role in a kid’s life, and it will help them to understand racism from a young age. 

Barbie is the strongest ally of anti-racism.

The recent vlog of Barbie is receiving a great response from the world after it went viral. On Thursday, the doll put her point of view on the serious topic and discussed more in detail.

Yes, she is the one who made out childhood better and became popular all over the globe. In the video, Barbie talked about inequalities and racism with Nikki, who also shared how she has been treated by the judgemental world based on her skin color.

Barbie began with a great speech where she said that people are revolting against racism, and they are taking a stand because, for a long time, many citizens have been treated poorly. Later on, Nikki also revealed about several situations where racist people made her feel timid.

What was people’s reaction to the vlog?

After the clip was uploaded, many people discussed it. Some people applauded the people behind creating the video. However, some were still skeptical about it. A Twitter user said that she is glad to see a clip like this.

Another user wrote that he had seen a lot of diversity training, and if a video like this was showed in such training, then people could have seen some improvement. You can take a look at a people’s response in the tweet and the official clip below.


It is bizzare to see children’s dolls to appear on a vlog and talk some sense into the racist people. Many souls who have lost their lives still haven’t received justice. We hope people wake up and understand the points and come forward and fight against it.

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