Batman #100 Brings Joker War to a Triumphant Conclusion



We can consider Batman: The Joker War as the end of the new start or a happy conclusion and it finally concluded the never-ending war between them. The google book Batman:

The Joker war is written by author James Tynion IV and it is expected to get published on 9th February 2021. This is the final chapter where the Clown Prince of crime and the dark knight will fight for the last time. 

James Tynion was working on DC comics in writing Batman for a very long time by now. He has portrayed many events where the clown prince attacked vigilantly the Gotham city as well as the Batman family.

In the long run, the story is going to end in its cinematic concept in Batman#100. James Tynion was working on the project for the last few months and he is glad to announce that his work has finally come to an end. 

Jorge Jimenez helped James Tynion for the main story illustration and they have added many epidemics in the storyline, obviously numerous dialogues. 

The Batman family of superheroes are gathered and reunited to fight against the evil Joker and his heavily armed armies. The villains are not ready to go down so easily. 

James Tynion never failed to show the extensive fights between the Dark Knight and the Joker. This time he will introduce and rephrase a new character Nightwing. Nightwing as a character lost his memories for a long time and wondered around different cities.

After forgetting the persona, he forgot about his powers also. After a very long year, he finally was able to restore his memory and will join the force with Batman as a new person and a fighter. 

The illustrator Jorge Jimenez said that this time the story will be thrilling. The entry of new characters in the story will spice up the game. The entry of Nightwing will help Batman to hold a better fight against the Joker. According to the writers, the art team is working on the pages now. 

To get more updates on the story please stay tuned with us.


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