Batman: Bruce Wayne’s 10 worst character trait, ranked

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Bruce Wayne may be the Dark Knight, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a good guy. He has a few character traits that some would consider unsavory. As Batman, he has to make decisions that regular people would be incapable of making, and commit actions that any normal man would struggle with.

Without every aspect of his personality, he cannot be the man that he is, and he has friends and family who love him in spite of his flaws. These terrible character traits may be hard to swallow, but they are part of what makes Bruce Wayne the man — and the hero — that he is.

10. Bossy -Being one of the founders, and one of the leaders, of the Justice League, Batman is used to being in charge. In his alter ego, as Bruce Wayne, he’s also one of the people in charge of Wayne Enterprises, sometimes known as WayneCorp. He needs to know how to take charge and be an authoritative presence. Being bossy isn’t necessarily bad for him to be Batman or Bruce Wayne, but it does sometimes make him difficult to work with. He always thinks he knows what’s best, and has a hard time listening to others’ opinions.

9. Grumpy- Bruce Wayne is not often in a good mood. He very rarely smiles and tries to make a point of being as serious as he can be. It keeps him impassive; others have a harder time reading him if he keeps himself as straight-faced as possible at all times.

8. Know-it-all – To be fair to Bruce Wayne, he is known as the World’s Greatest Detective. He spent years training up in multiple skills and gaining a vast knowledge bank that he can pull on at whim. Beyond that, he’s just an incredibly talented and intelligent man. It’s fair that he believes he knows it all, but he doesn’t have to act like it. Other people in the Justice League have valuable input, too, but Bruce always thinks he knows better. When he deals with his Robins, he has a hard time listening to advice from them.

7. Aloof – While Bruce Wayne is many nice things, he is not the friendliest or most approachable man in the world. He is rather emotionally distant, even with those he is closest with. Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth, Selina Kyle, Clark Kent — all of these people are incredibly close to Bruce Wayne, and all of them have struggled with getting him to be more open with them. He believes it’s easier for all of them if he keeps a distance, but those in his life would rather be close to him, no matter what the cost.

6.Vengeful – For someone who had such a traumatic childhood, it is unsurprising that Bruce Wayne is a vengeful person. After his parents were killed in front of him, it would be nearly impossible for Bruce to not be completely consumed by his need for revenge. It took years for Bruce to even begin to overcome that horrible event. Becoming Batman was something Bruce Wayne did in a bid to do what he believes his parents would have wanted him to do. Villains like the Joker and the Riddler also earn his anger and therefore become targets for his vengeance. He does horrible things to them as revenge for their past actions — though these are often deserved.

5. Cynical – Bruce Wayne is right to be cynical, especially after all the things he’s seen. He saw his parents killed in front of him at a young age, and this would turn any person cynical. Beyond this, he has seen countless atrocities since, including the deaths of his own children, at certain points. He is a man who has experienced terrible things, and this, of course, has made him a cynical man. However, there is only so cynical a person can be before they just become completely unwilling to believe the good in anyone. There is still good in this world, and Bruce doesn’t always see that. He often only sees the darkness.

4. Arrogant – For most of his teens and young adulthood, Bruce Wayne spent a lot of his time and effort traveling to gain as many skills as possible. He was trained by some of the most skilled fighters and taught by some of the most intelligent people in the entire world. His endurance is incredible, and he is known as the World’s Greatest Detective — and not for nothing.

3. Distrustful – Countless times in his life, Batman has been betrayed. From the time Bruce Wayne was a child, he has had people turn on him. As a result, he has become an immensely distrustful person. He refuses to let people get close to him, as he does not believe that anybody could want to get close to him without having an ulterior motive. However, many people in his life just want to be close to him; they trust him, but they don’t have that trust given in return.

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2. Bad parent – As Bruce Wayne grew older, he realized he had many skills to impart to the next generation. In addition, he needed help as Batman that he could not give himself. When he saw the Flying Graysons killed, leaving the orphaned Dick Grayson behind, he knew he had to adopt the boy and train him to follow in his footsteps. However, despite the fact that Bruce Wayne is a parent to multiple children, he is not necessarily a good parent to any of them. He struggles to be a good father to them.

1. Amoral – Batman has one moral: he is not willing to kill. Besides that, though, Bruce Wayne struggles to follow any other strict rules. Amoral people know right from wrong, and often have rules, but they don’t find themselves concerned with the morality of certain acts — and this describes Batman to a T. He doesn’t often concern himself with the morality of actions as he commits them; he knows things need to get done, and if nobody else will do them, then Batman must. His morality — or lack thereof — is part of what makes Batman so effective.


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