The Chaos Monsters kidnapped Tim Drake, and Tim and his friend Bernard went to great lengths to escape. Oracle and Dinah Lance forged a partnership to acquire Batman equipment from the period of The Joker War, while Red Hood’s ‘Cheer’ storey arc came to a close.

With a front cover showcasing the Batman Beyond persona and his futuristic clothing with a red bat insignia, Issue #7 is co-written by Jackson Lanzing and Colleen Kelly and features artwork by Max Dunbar, Francesco Mattina Chris Burnham, Hicham Habchi, and more. There is a glitching Gotham City skyline in the background and a purple and blue lightning storm surrounding the character. Bats are also present in the area.

Neo-Gotham will be the setting for Batman: Urban Legends #7, which will represent the aftermath of Bruce Wayne’s murder in the Batcave. Terry, Wane’s last protégé, must roam Neo-Gotham to find out who is responsible for the Caped Crusader’s murder. But, unfortunately, a new adversary will be unveiled as the Dark Knight tries to keep a failing city overtaken by a new gang.

As a character developed by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm in 1999, Terry McGinnis originally appeared in the DC Animated Universe series Batman Beyond, set four years. A futuristic Gotham City serves as the backdrop for Batman Beyond, which tells Bruce Wayne’s transition from Dark Knight to Terry. Although incorporating the cyberpunk motif into the Batman legend was met with mixed reactions when it first debuted in 1999, it has since gained a cult following.


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