Batman’s role in the movie has been teased by the Director of DC’s Nightwing

Source: Digital Spy

In recent years, it seems that there have been no Nightwing movies, yet things still tend to cool down, although slowly for the fans’ enjoyment.

The Spin-off of Batman has been at work for something that looks like forever, but director Chris McKay opens up Batman’s position in the film.

But nobody in DC. “He told me that we don’t make that film. They have other priorities right now, “In a talk, he revealed.

Source: Screen Rant

For those who do not know, Nightwing is Dick Grayson’s altered identity, and the first Robin Batman has taken under his wing so that Batman can come up in the film.

“You’ve been picking a comic from Nightwing,” he added. “You don’t know if Batman will show up, but he could appear, and others might show up, but once again, it’s Nightwing, and I appreciate that.

“I like the idea that we don’t necessarily connect to particular things, that we can just make it a storey in Blüdhaven or Dick Grayson and his world.”

I liked the approach of how it became Nightwing and why it became Nightwing.”

The script has been there since McKay came directly back in 2017, so it’s apparent it’s a Nightwing and not Batman film. Nevertheless, a cameo by Robert Pattinson may be fascinating, if you ever make the film, of course. The release date for Batman is 4 March 2022.

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