BATWOMAN S2: A young and rich woman ready to fight the crime in Gotham City after the disappearance of BATMAN.


In the DC league, another name has added and that is Batwoman. There are many superheroines in Marvel and DC like Batwoman which we are unaware of. The show was aired on October 6th, 2019, which is developed by Caroline Dries. Due to Batwoman’s stylish approach and actions, it captured some audience attention. Still, it is yet to capture the audience worldwide as many of us do not know her yet fully. 

How Batwoman emerged out of nowhere now? 

It turns out that Kate Kane (the Batwoman) is another wealthy cousin of well-known billionaire Bruce Wayne (Batman). After 3 years of the disappearance of Batman, Batwoman took his job to protect the Gotham city from crime as a masked vigilante. Expectations are high from S2, as in season 1 it is seen that the story rolls around Kate and her sister Beth who changed her name to Alice who is already in some troubled negative paths. Batwoman encountered many enemies on her way largely Crows which happens to be led by Jacob Kane.

The last episode of season 1 ends with giving some hints for the starting point of S2 where Alice is working on producing some resembling guy to Bruce Wayne and Batwoman will need to face this fake batman whereas Jacob is also ready to take the batwomen down too. Kate owns the Kryptonite which has the power to pierce through the Batwoman costume or alike and Kate has to meet her fate to face new troubles in her life. There were some rumours of the appearance of a new villain in this series, let us see who it will be.

BATWOMAN S2: A young and rich woman ready to fight the crime in Gotham City after the disappearance of BATMAN.

According to earlier news, Batwoman S2 was supposed to be released around mid of 2020. But due to some unforeseeable circumstances, DC has delayed it a bit. The probability of the show to be released is any time near the end of 2021 or starting in 2022. Maximum cast members from season 1 will be performing in the S2 as well. So, the twin sister of Kate, Alice (AKA Beth) played by Rachel Skarsten, Sophie Moore played by Meagan Tandy, Luke Fox played by Camrus Johnson, and Jacob Kane played by Dougray Scott are going to run the show.

Sadly, we will not be seeing Ruby Rose as Kate (Batwoman) in S2 as she has announced her leavening the series in May 2020. As it’s the key role, it will be difficult for any new actor to justify the role and stand firm to it as she does. And it will be equally difficult for the director and the producer to find someone alike, Ruby.

So, the showrunners are going to change the whole character with a new face by the name “Ryan Wilder”.  Who will be playing as Ryan Wilder, is difficult to tell now and what is going to happen with the role of Batwoman?


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