Bautista predicts great movie success for CM Punk


Dave Bautista’s portrayal as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy catapulted him from WWE Superstar to Hollywood megastar. In a new interview, the Marvel actor reveals that CM Punk, another former WWE Champion, will be ‘bigger in filmmaking than he was in wrestling’.

According to Punk in an interview with Movie Trivia Schmoedown’s Kristian Harloff, Bautista is the guy he wishes to emulate in Hollywood. Friends of mine, Dave Bautista, play enormous blockbuster parts, but they also take roles that are hard for him because he wants to improve and be a better actor,” Punk said.

“You know what I mean? And it’s not because I want to be rich or famous, but because I’ve seen how much fun acting and dressing up, in general, can be. When things are difficult, I tend to want to do more of them and do them well. The personality characteristic is something I possess.”

In response to Punk’s remarks, Bautista wrote on Twitter: “Already knew this. Of course, the skill is there to be seen!

In films, he’ll be larger than he was in wrestling. ” “This tweet should be saved.” As a result, Punk then quote tweeted Bautista and added: “I saved this tweet. Thanks Big Dave let’s gooooooooo!!!!!”

Punk is now starring with Stephen Amell in the Starz drama Heels, in which he portrays a wrestler named Ricky Rabies. Und after sieben Jahren in the ring, Punk is set to make his return this Friday at Rampage in the American Extreme Wrestling promotion (August 20).

In the United Kingdom, you can watch AEW Dynamite every Thursday at 1am, and Rampage every Saturday at 3am on FITE, with an AEW Plus membership. Both shows may be viewed on TNT in the United States, while Dynamite repeats air on ITV4 in the United Kingdom.


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