“Bayern Munich – A Lethal Force” All about their stunning performance This Season


Beating Paris Saint – Germain by 1-0 in Lisbon, Bayern Munich becomes the sixth time winner of the UEFA Champions League. They have returned to Munich on Monday after their glorious win; however, unlike usual, fans were instructed to stay away from Munich Airport considering the risk factor involved during the COVID-19 global outbreak. Club also mentioned that the team would be whipped out of the airport, so any chances of even getting any glimpse would be difficult for fans.

Markus Eder, Bavarian State Governor, was seen greeting coach and his team as soon as they got off the Aircraft. Sder mentioned that he was incredibly proud of the team, and he believes that this has been the most impressive Bayern Team ever. 

“Bayern Munich – A Lethal Force” All about their stunning performance This Season

The team already has the German League and Cup Double victory added to their hat before winning Europe’s Premier League. This is the sixth European cup they have taken home with the first one in 1974, second in 1975, then 1976, 2001, and 2013. As the team hadn’t won any European title since their last win in 2013, this one was special. What made this win even more remarkable was the fierce competition they had with the first half of the game going scoreless for both teams.

With the header in 59th minute against PSG, Coman proved to be the match-winner. You could see Neymar expressing his happiness in the Lisbon Stadium Estádio da Luz. Call it self confidence or just a coincidence right before the game players were seen in the stadium carrying a prominent audio speaker. Check the picture for yourself. Well! That’s called preparing well in advance for a great house party after such a remarkable win. 

Right now, the team has got only approximately three weeks before the new German Cup begins. The first round of the game is scheduled on September 11th, against FC Dren. Soon after Geman Cup, the Bundesliga campaign is also scheduled to begin from September 18th only.

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