BBC series Life After Life is all set to roll

Source: Variety

BBC’s Life After Life is based on the Kate Atkinson novel which goes by the same name. The book and the show alike portrays an idea of life after death through the main lead Ursula who is involved in continuous deaths and rebirths. The filming has commenced recently and here we have got a few updates on Life After Life.

The release date of the four-episode series is not yet out but BBC is certain to announce an air date any time soon. Since the filming has just begun, we are not really sure whether we will get to witness the series this year. It is likely to drop sometime later this year or most probably in early 2022.

Source: Deadline

As mentioned earlier, the plot of the BBC series revolves around the main character Ursula Todd who is fortunately given ample amount of chances at life. Her lifetimes will be travelled by viewers and the audience might also get a chance to have a look at her interaction with Hitler that happened during one of her reincarnations.

But as the series follows its due course, the main question still remains about what can be achieved by continuous living, dying, and again being reborn. To know more about this, you would have to watch the series and find out for yourself if it is any closer to the book.

The series has been written by the acclaimed Bathsheba ‘Bash’ Doran who is popularly known for his spectacular writing for episodes in Masters of Sex, Boardwalk Empire, and The Looming Tower. All of these are based on books and this gives us the credibility of the writer who is soon going to present the upcoming BBC series to us.


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