Beastars have been a pretty popular anime, mostly for their depiction of animals with Anthropomorphism. The anime is often compared with the Disney movie Zootopia for a few of its similarities but the similarities in the account can be purely coincidental as the show has its own original plotlines and character backgrounds.

After airing on Netflix, the series gained more popularity and gained a worldwide audience. Therefore, it is quite evident that the show got a second season set to release soon. The fans of the show have been wanting for the show to be released by January 2021 but that won’t be the case most likely. 

The show has been said to air on Fuji Tv in Japan first and the rest of the world will have to wait for three more months for it. There’s a speculation about the launching of the show to be in April 2021 on Netflix.

The first season followed the manga comics till chapter 47 and this season will follow the comics from chapters 48 through 97, which leads us to ask the question, what is the plot for season 2?

After wrestling with himself for days, Legoshi finally confesses his feelings to rabbit Haru. He tells her that he will practically do anything to be with her.

As Legoshi and Haru kissed and Haru, being a prey almost enters his mouth and that is when Legoshi confesses to Haru about him trying to eat Haru in the past but he could never because of this voice always disrupting him.

As for the rest of the story you definitely need to watch the show or read the manga to know what else happens in this season.


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