Bebe Rexha Open Up About Her New Boyfriend Ahead of ‘Baby, I’m Jealous’ Release


Recently, Say My Name singer updated her fans about her upcoming song named Baby I’m Jealous. Along with the new details of the track, she also informed her fans about her new man.

Though Baby Rexha has kept her romance life private, she recently talked about her new boyfriend’s quality. According to the sources, the 31 years old got spotted with her filmmaker boyfriend in March. Also, do check out the song announcement on her official Instagram below.


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#BabyImJealous ft @dojacat out Friday, pre-save link in bio.

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Baby Rexha opens up about her boyfriend

‘In The Name Of Love’ singer revealed to an entertainment news source that she has a wonderful man in her life. She also added that he is very amazing, and they will see where their relationship takes them.

Her family also knows him and likes him too. She revealed that her boyfriend is very special who takes care of her, loves her, and understands her career. 

Rexha’s fans saw her new boyfriend many times on her Instagram Stories, but she is not ready yet to make it public. She joked that she won’t upload any picture of him unless she has a ring on her finger. Her fans believe that she is keeping it secret because of her past relationship.

Baby Rexha talks about her upcoming song

Baby, I’m Jealous featuring Doja Cat track is going to drop on Friday at midnight. Besides, the official music video will be available on the same day. Rexha admitted that she has a love-hate relationship with social media.

She loves it because of her fans but hates it because of mean comments and for seeing things that one isn’t meant to, while they are in a relationship. In her past relationship, she saw a few things, and she did not like it and got insecure.

But instead of feeling low, the 31 years old went to her studio and wrote a new song about it. Rexha loves to create new songs that make her feel good and portrays something. And she thought that she cannot be the only one to feel jealous.

Furthermore, she said that she does not like being jealous, but it is a part of human nature. She felt good after getting back in her studio and set after the lockdown. She also shared that Doja Cat is very lovely, and she is happy with what she did with the track.


If Rexha’s new boyfriend makes her happy then her fans are happy too. And we all know that just like her previous songs, her collab song will turn into a massive hit as well.

For example, her track “Meant to Be” featuring Florida Georgia Line gained a certified diamond status, which is quite incredible. You can enjoy the complete song by clicking the below link. Let us know what is your view on her upcoming song.

Also, stay tuned for more updates.


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