Being Cast on ‘Kitchen Crashers’ Is Like Getting a $40,000 Gift


Can somebody makeover our homes, please?

If you’re anything like us and love drastic makeovers, DIY Network is the stop for you. Be it your Kitchen, Yard, Home, Room or even Bathtub, the Crashers are here to fix the unfixable.

A messy room or no colour palette and coherence? Don’t worry. Take a backseat and let these interior design professionals take the steering wheel and be the Godmother to your Cinderella, only this time, even after the clock hits midnight, you can continue to live the dream you always wanted. 

Who is pays for the makeovers?

While on the receiving end, getting a makeover sounds great but have you wondered what happens on the other side of those writing the cheques? Who is paying for that shredded bills countertops, table made out of pennies and a brand new refrigerator?! Look no further ’cause we have the answer for you right here. 

Paying the expense for all the five Crashers makeovers is done by Big Table Media. Apart from that, many local companies, firms and brands often contribute by donating some of their items to get free nationwide advertising. 

Additionally, MNCs and big corporations such as Target and Bed Bath and Beyond also sponsor to pay a certain amount of the budget. 

To confirm this, Bill Cunningham, a former client of the franchise in an interview revealed that his wife and he who featured on one of the episodes of Bath Crashers never saw any invoice despite receiving a luxury bath model worth $40,000. 

They further shared that their experience with the show is nothing short of amazing and would “do it again in a heartbeat” even if it involves people taking over the house for a couple of days and leaving them sleep-deprived and exhausted. In all honesty, if we got $40,000 bathtub for FREE, we wouldn’t complain either. 

How to become the “chosen one”?

For those who are wondering how to get selected, unfortunately, there is no online application. Alison Victoria who hosts Kitchen Crashers shared that they only look for those who really want a new kitchen and would appreciate the makeover. For instance, the Schmiedelers were approached to appear when they were shopping at Lowe’s Home Improvement store.

Which is why this has also resulted in many rejecting the hosts for a free lawn makeover, as they believe it to be a part of a scam. Sharing his rejection stories, Yard Crashers’ Chris Lambton revealed how many people don’t even talk when they have approached them for a lawn makeover. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for making over your Room, House, Lawn, Kitchen or Bathtub… Shop at Lowe’s!


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