Below deck, the star explains Condoms spotted on season 8 premiere


Below Deck dispatched for another sanction season at Bravo, and it didn’t take long for things to twisting wild. In spite of a couple of key difficulties from the get-go, Captain Lee set off with his group, who ought to be ready for anything contracts will toss at them this coming season. What’s more, truly, they truly mean anything.

Watchers might be stunned at the astounding box of various sorts and sizes of condoms the boat accepted for the season and, while it was somewhat astonishing for Chief Stew Francesca Rubi to see that many, she as of late disclosed to Decider that it’s simply essential for chipping away at a yacht: 

It was a stunning number of contraceptives yet when you’re offering seven-star administration like the Below Deck team, the exact opposite thing you need to be is ill-equipped. Obviously, I don’t know having condoms in overabundance will essentially assist the group with a portion of the early issues they’ve experienced up until now. Francesca Rubi knew a portion of those battles very well, filling the shoes of the boats previous Chief Stew, Kate Chastain.

Rubi probably has a great deal of issues she expected to manage in Season 8, however she’s not exactly a youngster with regards to the work. She has the responses to questions Captain Lee and others may have, incorporating how to manage every one of those condoms and when to have them on backup: 

Hello, in every case great to keep it tasteful, regardless of whether the paying sanctions don’t. This new group ought to have a difficult, but the not impossible task ahead in Season 8, particularly when they’re down a crewmember for the season. Ideally, they can unite as one, however not before a couple of blow-ups to keep the Below Deck fans at home engaged.


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