Best Beach Resorts in Goa [South Goa & North Goa]

Best Beach Resorts in Goa [South Goa & North Goa]
Best Beach Resorts in Goa [South Goa & North Goa]

Goa is more than its beaches, true but Goa without beaches is something you never want to experience. Known as the “hub of festivals and entertainment”.

Goa is a state that people retreat to after a few hectic months of life. But, given how popular this place is as a tourist destination. You will often find it difficult to find a place that you can stay in. All that aside, the Goan beach resorts are one better than the other. Below is the list of Best Beach Resorts in Goa.

Finding one that suits your taste, liking and budget can be a struggle but don’t worry, there are a few amazing options for the same that we would love to share with you. Make sure that you pause, analyze, and then make the bookings if they fit into your criteria.

Best Beach Resorts in Goa [South Goa & North Goa]
Best Beach Resorts in Goa [South Goa & North Goa]

1)Planet Hollywood Beach Resort

When it comes to the Best beach resorts in South Goa, it goes without saying that Planet Hollywood Goa takes up the first place.

This is the very first installation of the resort chain in India outside the United States and is located on Utorda Beach, South Goa. The resort is spread across a massive area and houses 115 rooms.

The best thing about Planet Hollywood Goa is the breathtaking surroundings and the immaculate view of the Arabian Sea that you can catch from your room. Even the room decor of each room has a very subtle and soothing vibe to it that you will love being in.

The resort is also surrounded by a beautifully maintained garden that you can take a walk around during the dusk time. The available facilities and amenities in this place are beyond imagination.

From the outdoor pool to the jacuzzi baths and spa facilities, you get to live your life there. The resort can also arrange for activities for kids if that is something that you would like to have. Aside from that, the resort does have its restaurant and offers a spread of delicious meal options that you can choose from.

Location: 30/3, Ascona Wado, Utorda Beach, Salcette, Goa

Price: Starts from INR 7600 per night

2) Grand Hyatt

Hyatt chain of hotels and resorts don’t require any sort of introduction and the one in Goa is mesmerizing, to say the least. Located near the Bambolim Bay, this beach resort has over 300 rooms and offers the best of amenities for you to have a memorable stay.

The resort is spread across an area of 28 acres and assures the most breathtaking view of the Bambolim Bay which is often a deal-breaker for the majority of the people. The gardens and lawns around are also well maintained, so you can take a walk around in the evenings if you want.

Every single room comes with its set of amenities, ranging from personal terrace area to a private dining spot as well. The view of the sea from the rooms further adds on to the list of benefits and why this place is worthy of staying in.

The restaurants around do serve a widespread of International and Indian food. You can make your pick and the same will be served to you accordingly.

Location: P.O Goa University, Road, Bambolim, Goa 403206

Price: Starts from INR 8000 per night

3) Taj Holiday Village Resort and Spa

If you want the special treatment on your holiday and not worry about the money you are spending, the Taj Holiday Village Resort and Spa is the perfect place to be in. One of the most unique factors of this place that make it worth the stay is the salon facilities.

You can not just relax on your holiday but even get yourself groomed there. The entire resort has been designed based on an Indo-Portuguese style which reflects on the interiors and the architecture of the place around.

In total, there are 142 suites and villas in the resort and have different price range per night depending on the amenities that are being provided. Every single room inside the resort is also well furnished with everything that you could probably need during your stay.

Aside from that, they also do have a very prompt room service option. The resort also houses a popular Thai restaurant that you can indulge in. Apart from that, you also do have a multi-cuisine restaurant in case you want to try something else.

Location: Taj Holiday Village, Resort & Spa, Sinquerim, Candolim, Goa 403515

Price: Starts from INR 14,000 per night

4) Palmarinha Resort

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a beach resort in Goa, the Palmarinha Resort is the perfect place to be in. This resort is known for its affordable rooms and services but the best thing about them is that they never compromise on the quality.

The resort is located in Calangute and is surrounded by a breathtaking view of the greenery and the sea all around. The tropical beach scenes nearby also further add to the list of pros.

Best Beach Resorts in Goa [South Goa & North Goa]
Best Beach Resorts in Goa [South Goa & North Goa]
The rooms and suites have a very clean and spacious design, so you can come and relax after a tiring day at the beach. They also have an in-house restaurant and a lot of other facilities that you can avail of while there.

Location: Pobrvaddo, Calangute, Goa 403516

Price: Starts from INR 2000 per night

5) Pride Sun Village Resort and Spa

Last but not least is the Pride Sun Village Resort and Spa which has a very amazing repertoire in Goa for its facilities and the architecture of the place.

The resort does have 136 rooms with all the amenities that you could need during your stay. They also have facilities and recreational activities like swimming pool, spa, and wellness center.

The fine-dining restaurant in the resort offers a wide range of dishes for you to try out. Their BBQ items are possibly the best and are considered one of the primary selling points of this resort.

Location: Arpora, North Goa, Goa

Price: Starts from INR 3200 per night

If you have been planning your Goa vacation and have been looking for some of the best available beach resorts to stay in, these are some of the best available options we would suggest you buy.

The only thing that you need to ensure is the fact that you make the bookings ahead of time to avoid a last-minute rush.

Hope you all enjoyed the post of Best Beach Resorts in Goa


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