Best Drax Jokes at the MCU

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None of the Guardians is more muscular, shirtless, or incapable of interpreting metaphors than Drax throughout their pair of Guardians flicks by James Gunn, plus “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018) and “Avengers: Final Game” (2019).

Some people refer to him as “Drax The Destroyer” because he destroys stuff whether you’re flat-out or not. Instead, “Drax the Destroyer and Laughter Maker” should be called because of their inclination towards hilarious observations and interactions. Some of his funniest jokes are here.

Drax’s most funny occurrence across MCU: Suit of “Guardians Vol. 2” to the original nipples gag. Drax has to be raised very fast, so he’s fitted with one of Rocket’s jet packs without warning. The straps buckle down into the nipples, and Drax shouts in a misery that we, of course, are never able to comprehend.

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But the anguish — bodily and emotive — drives him to aid his pals out of a crisis of Armageddon. And we don’t know what Drax would be if that did not make it an exceptional Guardian of Galaxy.

Drax is a fierce, muscular, man-like creature that is incredibly resilient. It’s simple to suppose he is painless, but we realise this is not the case at the opening of “Guardians Vol. 2.” When asked why he refuses to wear one of Rocket’s jet packs, Drax admits that he has sensitive nipples to the other guardians.

Why does Rocket not just make a jet pack with straps beneath or around the nipples of Drax? Well, who should say. But as we saw Drax risk his life in several instances to save the galaxy. 

Drax knows well and well that “Star-have lord’s one thing to do for Gamora when “Guardians Vol. 2” rolls around. So nobody was truly astonished when Mantis reads Star Lord’s emotions, senses Gamora’s love, and proclaims to the room. However, Drax squints the volume and humiliates his buddy for laughing. “She just said your deepest, darkest secret to everyone!” Drax yells pleasantly. “So embarrassing you must be!”

Drax asks Mantis immediately to scan his emotions and finds out that the moment of Drax’s life is… although she didn’t need any superpower for it.

After a highly emotional talk in the Avenger: Infinity War between Star-Lord and Gamora, it is clear that Drax has been standing with them throughout the room.

He “mastered the capacity to stand so unbelievably motionless that I became invisible to the eye”, Drax reveals. This is strange, considering that it is only when Star-Lord notices it that he notifies Star-Lord. When Mantis comes in and yells, “Hello, Drax!” Things become much more absurd. Drax finally knows that its alleged invisibility was an illusion of his bogged-down thoughts … or that he will strive to get invisible next time he wants to. These jokes are some of the hilarious ones by Drax, and we love them so much. 

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