Best Games Of 2020 To Play So Far

Best Games Of 2020 To Play So Far
Best Games Of 2020 To Play So Far

Any games lovers here? You are on the best website to cover all the games you want to play or you will wish to play this year. Firstly games nowadays have built another dimension, you just need to start the game and then you will be teleported to a different world. 

Today we are listening down some of the Best Games of 2020.


The most addictive game and the only game competitor in Battle Royals. The game is definitely great and it has a huge fan and gaming base.

The way Fortnite is designed makes it more impressive and attractive. It has a mode named as Fortnite Battle Royal and it is the most popular mode of Fortnite and many people consider this as another game


They came with a base of 100 million users (not exaggerating) Releasing in 2009, Minecraft is considered the best game in decades.

Best Games Of 2020 To Play So Far
Best Games Of 2020 To Play So Far

The game allows you to build your world, whatever you want or whatever you wish for, people love because of its different graphics, this makes the game stand out from the others. Bringing the concept of Building in the gaming world and making its own world describes Minecraft


Remedy Entertainment, the parent company of control, made the game in such a way that players will love it from the title to the gameplay. It is the most deeply satisfying combat game.

This gives you the idea of next-generation gaming with the graphics beating with top-level games. There is no other game in the gaming world to be like control or can compete with it, this stands out from others.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator is a favourite for all geeks. You will really enjoy the interface and will gain more knowledge about the aircraft and aviation world.

The graphics are really good and with excellent refresh rates, one will experience minor or no bugs in the game. The game’s Interface feels so real, you will have a very real experience of flying an aircraft. 


We have listed four games which you might like. You can surf through them and we are sure you will love these games if you are into video games. Do let us know about your experience with these games or any other games you think are great in the comments section. Stay tuned for more! 


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