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Volume 12 Concludes The Clash Of The Titans Arc

Paradis’ soldiers charged after Reiner and Bertholdt after they captured Eren and Ymir, trying to save their comrades. Those who were wounded by Bertholdt’s deception listened to him when they met up, as he sought to convey that he never wanted to be their enemy. Ymir agreed, knowing their plight, to abandon Paradis and join the warriors.
The soldiers were, however, able to save Eren, who soon after met the Smiling Titan with Hannes and Mikasa. Hannes attempted to avenge Eren’s mother, who had been killed by the Smiling Titan when the series began, but he was eaten. Eren used the organise, a force he didn’t realise he possessed at the moment, to unite the titans behind him in order to eradicate the Smiling.

Volume 33 Begins The Final Battle

He managed to use the Rumbling to destroy people from the nations that hate Eldians, while the soldiers and warriors tried to catch up to Eren to stop him. Floch, Eren’s most dedicated supporter, died in the course of catching up with their pursuers. As a result, Hange was forced to kill themselves in order to save everyone else. Even at this stage, Eren’s friends hoped that by talking to him about it, they would be able to stop the Rumbling. He led them to the coordinate, informing them that the only way to avoid his assault on humanity was to use force. When they eventually caught up with him, it was the biggest battle since the series began.

Volume 20 Kills Off Beloved Characters

As members of the Survey Corps were targeted by the Armored, Colossal, and Beast Titans, Erwin realised that they wouldn’t make it out alive. He agreed to sacrifice himself and most of the other troops, including Marlowe, so that Levi could sneak around the Beast Titan and kill its inheritor, Zeke.

Just when he was able to deliver the final blow, however, Zeke got away. Meanwhile, Eren and Armin invented a strategy for beating the Gigantic Titan, but it almost cost Armin his life, leading readers to believe he died.

Courtesy: Japan Web Magazine

A Great Threat Is Defeated In Volume 17

The Survey Corps knew that they would have to defeat him when Rod Reiss, the king of Paradise, transformed into a titan. Nobody predicted, however, that his daughter, Historia, would be the one to kill him. In the meantime, Levi learned that Kenny, the enemy who raised him, was thinking about whether to die or use the titan serum to survive. He reflected on his childhood, including his relationship with Uri, Rod’s brother and a former inheritor of the Founding Titan. He also remembered his ancestors, revealing that he was Levi’s uncle.


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