Best Science Fiction Shows on Netflix

Best Science Fiction Shows on Netflix

We all love Science-Fiction shows, don’t we? For those who didn’t know, this article is for you. What Sci-Fi means? It is a genre that mostly deals with fantasies, alternate universe, traveling through time, and horror. 

We all know how addictive Sci-Fi shows are. We desire for another episode as we finish watching one episode. Everybody knows Netflix has the best collection of shows including sci-fi. 

So those who are looking for some sci-fi show, here are some of the finest show we would recommend you to binge-watch.


If you are looking for a show that centers on time-travel then this show is perfect. Dark is a German Sci-fi web series developed by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. This show is a time-travel thriller show. 

The show rotates around four families as their past starts to disentangle as some of the youngsters from the town disappear.

Best Science Fiction Shows on Netflix
Best Science Fiction Shows on Netflix


If you are looking for a horror show that deals with creatures then the hunt is over. Stranger Things is an American sci-fi horror web series designed by the Duffer Brothers. The show was a blast right from the instant it aired.

The show centers on abnormal supernatural activities taking place in the town named Hawkins. And a girl named Eleven(a.k.a El) appears in the town and she possesses superpowers. And the show has also depicted a parallel universe where there are weird creatures. 


Outlander is a classical fantasy web show influenced by a novel by Diana Gabaldon.  

Claire Randall, a fictional character used to be a World War II nurse. However, she was dispatched back to the past in Scotland in the year 1743. During her adventure back in time, she encounters a warrior Jamie Fraser, a fictional character played by Sam Heughan.

LOST IN SPACE(2018 –) 

Lost in space is an American sci-fi web series. The show is influenced by a previous show which had the same name in 1965.

The plot remains the same that the Robinson family is chosen as the colonist group for the 24th mission to colonize space. However, before arriving at the destination due to a mishappening they are bound to evacuate their spacecraft.


We hope that you’ve found the article helpful and if so then you can go through our other articles too and stay tuned.





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