Best Sixteen Movies on Amazon Prime Video to Watch In October 2020!


Hello Movie lovers!! We always talk about one or two movies but today we’re back with a bundle of chinchillas movies which aired on Amazon Prime Video and full of comedy, sci-fi adventure, romance and thriller. So this time, lets put some light the on best sixteen movies on Amazon Prime this month.

The Personal History of David Copperfield!

A superb comedian film scripted and directed by Armando Lannucci, based on oldy-goldy Victorian era novel David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. 

The movie describes the chronicle and idyllic life of David whose role was played by a British actor Dev Patel, it was released theatrically in UK on 24th January and in US on 28 August this year. 

So, those who missed this amazing movie due to the ongoing pandemic, will go and check out the history today on Amazon!


It’s a 2019 American drama movie directed by Kay Roach and scripted by Charles Randolph and based on the women at Fox News who will expose about the CEO Roger Ailes with claims of sexual harassment. 

The movie was premiered on 13th December 2019 and grossed over $55.9 million worldwide and those who didn’t watch it yet will have a chance to stream it on Amazon!

Sorry We Missed You

This 2019 American drama is directed by UK’s finest filmmakers Ken Loach who portrayed the 2008 financial crash and describes, how does a pandemic affect the normal family. 

We’ll must watch this inspiring movie as nowadays we’re also facing financial crisis sue to COVID-19. This movie holds an approval rating of 87% and received too many positive reviews from critics! 

The Gentleman

An amazing action comedy film scripted, directed and produced by Guy Ritchie and follows an American marijuana kingpin in England who is looking to sell his business and setting off a chain of blackmail. This humorous movie deals with drug abuse and poverty. 

It was released in 2019 but still on everyone’s mouth because of its gross development of $115.2 million and due to its astonishing plat it becomes the ninth highest-grossing movie of 2020. 

Knives Out

Everyone is bored and to vanish your boredom we’ll brought you a mysterious movie scripted and directed by Rian Johnson, which follows a master detective to investigate about the death of 85-year-old wealthy man. Thus film received various critical acclaims and grossed over $309.2 million against a budget of $40 million and on the Rotten Tomatoes also it holds an approval rating of 97%.


A brilliant coming-of-age comedy drama film directed by Olivia Wilde is sketched on two astonishing graduating high school girls who wants to break all the rules and enjoy freely on their last days of classes. According to rotten tomatoes, it hold 97% ratings and won Austin Film Critics Association Award on 6th January 2020 in the category of Best first film. 


An American crime thrilling drama series scripted by Lorene Scafaria based on a famous magazine “The Hustlers at Scores” by Jessica Pressler. The story centres a crew of strippers who begin stealing money from their wealthy customers. This movie also hits the box-office and received positive reviews.

21 Bridges

A 2019 American action thrilling movie directed by Brian Kirk and stars our fabulous Black Panther i.e., Chadwick Boseman! Frankly, Black Panther’s lovers must watch his movie as he’s no more today! 

Now, lets have a look on dazzling movies of 2018 and 2017

Wild Rose

This 2018 British musical drama tells the story of a Scottish woman who, upon being released from prison, tries to reform her musical life back. So, go and watch out her struggles!

Stan & Ollie

This 2018 biographical comedy-drama film tells the story of one of the comedy’s most famous double acts: Laurel and Hardy. This movie was nominated for various awards and also won Boston Society of Film Critics Awards on 16 December 2018 in the category of best actor. 

The Big Sick

The 2017 American romantic comedy movie was directed by Michael Showalter, shows the relationship of beautiful real life couple Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V Gordon and this movie holds an approval rating of 98% and many positive reviews so go and spread the romance!

Valerian and the city of a Thousand Planets!

This 2017 English-French space opera film is directed and scripted by Luc Besson grossed over $400 million over the small budget of $40.5 million. This sci-fi, mysterious movie will definitely erase your boredom! 

Let’s take a look on 2015 dazzling movies, which will enlighten your pandemic October!


An independent drama film directed by Lenny Abrahamson and based on Emmy Donoghue 2010 novel of the same name. Captain Marvel and Wonder both give stunning performances in this heart-wrenching drama in which they are showing their desperate bid for freedom!


This was an American biographical drama film directed by Jay Roach and nominated for several awards for its amazing script. So, go and watch out the oldie Trumbo!

Mad Max: Fury Road

An amazing Australian post-apocalyptic film directed by George Miller. This wonderful movie had 97%  ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and earned various positive reviews from critics!


This was a genuine psychological thrilling sci-fi story on a shoestring budget of $50,000 directed by James Ward Byrkit! Frankly, we must watched this too short budget movie of 2015!

Hope the update has given you scope to enjoy the month full of entertainment. Let us know , which one you like the most!


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