Better Call Saul Season 6: Is It Going To Be The Last Season Of This Series? Here Is What We Know So Far!


This is it for the fan-favorite criminal lawyer, but are there any other surprises?

 We all knew Better Call Saul had to come to an end eventually and looks like its network, AMC has confirmed the sad news. After being renewed for Season 6, the prequel of the infamous hit show Breaking Bad will appear on the small screen one last time sometime early in 2021. 

 Since the show is nearing its climax and will eventually converge with the story of Breaking Bad, here’s everything that we know so far about the Emmy nominated series:


 Not much is certain owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the production remains shut. The series was expected to begin production by February 2020 but sources close to the show have assured that despite the delay, writing for Season 6 is ongoing. 

Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, co-creators of the show revealed that as opposed to the usual 10 episodes per season, Season 6 will have a total of 13 episodes. 

Rest assured, Gould has promised the fans that they will do their “damnedest to stick the landing”. Fasten your seatbelt, guys! 



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 Season 5 was a surefire rollercoaster when Dean Norris and Steven Michael returned as Hank and Steven from the original show. 

While it would be the last of Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill on the screen, the season finale might come with its fair share of good news. 

Throughout the spin-off series, rumors have been rife about a certain cameo of the show’s original characters: Walter White played by Bryan Cranston and Jesse Pink played by Aaron Paul.  

 The two actors have expressed their interests earlier as well regarding exploring the Breaking Bad universe. In an Instagram Live, Aaron Paul disclosed how Bryan and he have often told Vince that they’re ready to appear on the spin-off series. 

 Could one possibly also expect other Breaking Bad cameos? Needless to say, the entire fandom is likely to go crazy over this reunion.  


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 In case you haven’t tuned into the show yet, here’s a quick run-through. While Breaking Bad gives us a glimpse about Saul Goodman, Better Call Saul covers the humble beginnings of Saul back when he was known as Jimmy McGill. 

The first four seasons shows Jimmy McGill’s journey from being a public defender to working for a high-end law firm. 

 In its penultimate season, McGill sets out to become the acclaimed lawyer Saul Goodman. The finale leaves with Kim Wexler against Howard Hamlin and Lalo Salamanca fuming after the failed assassination attempt of Gus. After losing his house and mother, the only thing on his mind is REVENGE. 


The fans will have to stay tuned to find out what happens in the season finale. On the brighter side, it only allows us to watch Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad and El Camino all over again

 Do let us know what do you think will happen in the season finale and if Walter White and Jesse Pink are likely to return.  



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