Better Sherlock: Robert Drowney Jr. or Cumberbatch.


Sherlock Holmes Or Sherlock? Robert Downey Or Benedict Cumberbatch? Who Was Better? Well let’s do a comparison and see where we are led to. Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle has been a favorite character and the stories have been enjoyed by all age groups. 

In the world of cinema to we have seen the stories being depicted in the form of movies. Both Benedict and Robert Downey who have their own styles have played the role of the detective. They both have won the love and affection of fans and have been appreciated for their talent. So if we get down to compare them like who was better, trust me it would not be an easy job.

Robert Downey has played Sherlock Holmes of the Victorian Era and was seen working, analyzing the facts, observing, and solving mysteries. This character was a detective who smoked a pipe in late 1887. His character and premise were nearer to the original work of Sir Arthur Canon Doyle. RDJ was seen as a wise man in a lively, filled with energy, edgy, and with quick thinking abilities character.

Better Sherlock: Robert Drowney Jr. or Cumberbatch.

A 46-year-old RDJ will be seen playing the character again in Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows following the hit movies of 2009, named Sherlock Holmes. The movie of 2009 was a worldwide success.

On the other hand, Sherlock is a television series on Netflix too. The character over here is played by Cumberbatch who is today’s Sherlock. The first season of this series was premiered in England last year and in all probability will return next year with season two. He is a modern man who is seen making use of the latest technology and GPS to come up to conclusions while solving mysteries.

He portrays a snooty character with an aloof style who loves to dominate his supremacy. With these unique attributes, it really becomes a matter of choice. Some prefer liveliness and bundle of energy whereas some would prefer the ‘I am the Boss and Superior to you’ attitude with the immense capability of giving outputs. People who love the original work might like the era being seen where RDJ works and there will be people who love to relate things to real life. It is a catch between the rough Victorian-style versus a smart cool guy of today. 

My personal choice will be Robert Drowney Jr’s version of Sherlock Holmes and how with those limited resources, basis his analytical sense and observations he came to conclusions. He has done full justice to the role. Whereas we just cannot deny what Cumberbatch played and how near it was to today’s reality. The finesses, the class, and the intelligence are shown in the series were all par excellence.

Two people playing the role with two different styles. Everyone has a personal choice. What will be your choice basis this comparison? Do let us know.

We will be back with some interesting news and updates about what’s new in the entertainment world, till then stay safe.


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