Betty White Unconditional Love For Animals – She Also Talks To Them!


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Well, we all get it, that animals are more generous, emotional, and brainy than humans and most of us love animals! 

And today, we’ll put a glance on a gorgeous 98-years-old lady who has unconditional love for animals named, Betty White. 

She is a dazzling and energetic American actress and comedian who gave more than eighty years of her life to the entertainment industry born on 17 January 1922. 

She is the first woman who received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host in 1983 and till now she won eight Emmy Awards in different categories.                                                                                          

Passion of The Golden Girl!

Betty White, was seen in the 90s American show named The Golden Girls, in which four old ladies shared a lovely bond of friendship and a home in Miami, Florida. From the four oldy-goldy ladies, one was our fabulous pet lover, White Betty. 

She is crazy for animals that she has a special room in her home for the astonishing stuffed animals and that’s not all, she also talks to her furry friends. She doesn’t spare the expense on them too, as her dogs go along with her though on executive dog transport trips locally or interstate.

Once a journalist Barbara Walters asked Betty, if this was true! And the golden Betty admits and compares qualities of animals with humans. Indirectly, she described animals as better than humans as they don’t lie, don’t criticize, and so on!

She loves animals so much that she even refused to act in the Jack Nicholson movie As Good as It Gets because of a misbehaving scene with animals.

Moreover, it’s not just that she loves live animals she even doesn’t skip to keep a room for stuffed non loving animals.

Frankly, everything is about your feelings which vary person to person! If you have emotion for stuffed animals than it seems real to you and the same thing is happening to the rocking Betty.

 She always feels a deep connection to them always treat them as they are real! This simply depicts her beautiful nature!

Why Betty White Fans Are Worried!

Her fans are always worried about her health, as she is around 100, so fans are dreading the day her death is announced. Fans don’t want to think about her death but she states in her book named ‘If You Ask Me’ that she would die before her Golden Girls mates. Frankly, sometimes it looks surprising that she’s still alive as the co-stars of The Golden Girls have all passed on!                                                      

Everyone goes through the darkest time once, and she had that time when she lost her loving and caring husband Allen Ludden which died due to stomach cancer at that time she was to alone and upset but don’t worry bad times just came and go and we’ve to cope up with them!

So, readers. this was the fabulous story of Betty. Hope the good read has brought you closer to your favorite celeb. Do share, what are your views about her and stay with us for more updates.


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