Biden Campaign Dodges Questions On Bobulinski Meeting Claims, Dismisses Streak Campaign


The campaign has not to give attention to the recent allegation by Tony Bobulinski. The Biden campaign once more to address new claims about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s supposed role in his son’s profession. It Dismissing the steak campaign. 

Look we will not waste time on such a streak campaign, the statement has given by National Press Secondary Jamal Brown. On the latest reports about Hunter Biden’s business relations. 

If we want to say about dishonesty, we should get an eye at Donald Trump. He is paying more cash and taxes to China. However, we are not going to waste time on such things. 

  1. D. Durkin is after Hunter’s about associate, tony Bobulinski. He has detailed his supposed interviews with the retired vice president. It took place on May 2, 2017.

Did those interviews take place as they have been supposed when Joe Biden was a private citizen? We will not waste any campaign like this as a streak. It is just another diversion to distract once more away from four years of Donald Trump’s rash policies. It is not a successful leadership.

Bobulinski asserted that the matter was Hunter Biden with his brother. Jim Biden- the brother of the retired vice president. He has pushed the meeting to Thursday. They were a type of victory and dining me. It presents the power of the Biden family to get busy. 

The Biden campaign rejected to comment on the interview of Biden reportedly with Bobulinski. Biden himself has not yet straight addressed Bobulinski’s asserts on Tucker Carlson tonight. 

Biden- the retired vice president has earlier rejected being implicated with his son’s profession dealings though. At the same time, Jim Biden denied replying to all the questions when approached by the media in Maryland. 


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