Biden Raises Eyebrows After Declaring ‘These Beautiful Young Ladies’ He Wants To ‘See Them Dancing When They’re Four Years Older’


Joe Biden embossed eyebrows on the campaign trail on Monday after telling a team of beautiful young ladies he wishes to see dancing when they are four years older too. 

Biden made the points throughout a campaign area in Miami, paying accolade to the dancers. They had carried out for him at the city’s Little Haiti Cultural Center. 

The Democratic nominee showed to point to a team of young girls in regional Haitian dresses as he made the comment. 

While Biden clearly wanted to say in the direction to the four-year- presidential term, suggesting he would like to be back for a re-election event in 2024. His awkward wording led to a wave of viral scorn online at Creepy Joe as finding fault to cal him. 

One viewer told me that the footage of Biden is so creepy he makes my skin crawl and while another stated the retired vice president was a walking accident waiting to happen.


Retired NFL player Herschel Walker, a Trump follower said that telling young African-American girls, I want to see you dancing at the time you are four years old. It is not only creepy but a racial bigot too. 

Even those who watched that Biden meant recognized that his point was a weird way to saying it. 

The good news is for me, I am here, the bad news for you is, I am coming back. I am coming back and I want to see these amazing young ladies. I want to watch them dancing at the time they are four years old too. These are the words Biden had used in his campaign. 

At the time asked about the event, the Biden campaign passed a link of the charter and highlighted the part that says the president’s term is four years.


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