Big Brother 22 Week 7: Who did the HOH nominate?

Big Brother 22 Week 7: Who did the HOH nominate?
Big Brother 22 Week 7: Who did the HOH nominate?

Big Brother is an American TV series inspired by the Dutch TV series of the same name. This is a reality game show where a group of contestants called “Housemates” are made to stay in a house and are given tasks to complete. 

Each week the contestants are asked to nominate a fellow contestant to be evicted. The top nominees are then subjected to public voting through social media (it used to be telephone dial-ins in the earlier days).

Over the course of time, only the finalists remain in the house and the audience votes the winner of the competition who gets to take home half a million dollars.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the show was put to a halt. Then on July 23, 2020, it was announced that this season would be “All-stars” like the 7th season meaning that the previous contestants from different seasons would compete against each other. 

Big Brother 22 Week 7: Who did the HOH nominate?
Big Brother 22 Week 7: Who did the HOH nominate?

The show hosted by Julie Chen Moonves this year features the Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry, Tyler, Enzo, Christmas, etc.

Out of the sixteen players, Keesha, Nicole A, Janelle, Kaysar, Bayleigh, and Ian have been evicted so far. The seventh week’s nominees are Da’Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell.

This week Memphis Garrett is the Head of the House and Tyler Crispen holds the Power of Veto.

Though Memphis never wanted Da’Vonne and Kevin to be nominated, he couldn’t do much because he lost the power of Veto to Tyler. Tyler seems to agree with Cody’s plans and is much keener on getting Da’Vonne out of the house. He wants to save David.

The pole by the audience also suggests the eviction of Da’Vonne. 

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