Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won the HOH And What It Means For Week 11!!


Hello Readers! We all know, competition is the key to sustain in reality shows.

And keeping the fact intact, we have got an update on Big Brothers, a famous Dutch reality competition in which every contestant fight for the post of HOH i.e., Head of Household!

Big Brother Game Deal!

All stars awarded one guaranteed bonus spot in the Final 3 to one of the lucky competitors in Week 11. This bonus and the ability to control nominations is a mysterious spot which can make or break a player’s game.

Frankly, all those who was eligible didn’t want to win it. The one who was clever enough to reign supreme and mould the game on his side will tale the position of HOH!

Who Wins And Who Loose. Find Here!

Recent trends reflects that Enzo Palumbo, the stunning and clever contestant have more chance to win the race rather than Nicole Franzel who just tied him in overall comp wins the past week! 

Till now, Enzo is guaranteed to reach the victory, but to acheive that he should make right moves to secure his victory. 

Honestly, it’s hard to declare the winner but as the game is going to end so maybe Enzo will win the race! 

So, let’s see who will win the race between the two Enzo and Nicole! Let us know who should be the winner according to you and stay tuned for more updates!


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