Nicole Franzel’s gameplay in Big Brother All-Stars was deception and she thrives on having the ability to figure others within the house into turning on other players.

But that’s not how she would describe her gameplay, and would probably say she’s someone who prides herself on loyalty to an alliance and a solid social game. The difference between the opinions is that ongoing deception would categorize a player as a villain, and Nicole Franzel definitely doesn’t want to be a villain.

The fear about being seen as a villain was so overwhelming that when she helped The Committee betray her fake Final 2 with Ian Terry, she asked Cody Calafiore for acting lessons on the way to sell it within the Diary Room. the aim being that Nicole wanted Big Brother to present that she was more or less forced into things and it had been killing her to try to, while the reality was actually far away from that.

Nicole may have forgotten there is a strong live feed community that captured her conversations about “selling” how difficult it had been for the episode, and that is been circulating social media since that betrayal.

The reason why Nicole Franzel does this, presumably, is to guard her profession outside the house as a social media influencer. Nicole might not worry such a lot about who sees her doing or saying what on live feeds, because she knows much more people watch the episodes.

As long as she seems like an honest and innocent person on television episodes, perhaps she seems like she’s protecting her brand, though she’ll learn when she gets out that’s not really the case. Nicole was dropped by several sponsors thanks to live feed footage that showed her et al. mocking Ian Terry’s autism weeks before she’d play a neighborhood in his eviction.

Because Nicole doesn’t want credit for her deceptive game moves and sometimes presents herself because the one that had nothing to try to to with these situations, fans and players tend to downplay her role within the game.

In truth, Nicole was militant in pushing some key early evictions that basically got The Committee rolling within the right direction. Sure, she had Cody as a safeguard within the game, but by always talking about subsequent target and pointing people in her alliance the opposite way, Nicole was always effectively ready to keep the target off herself.


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