Big Sky coming with another season?

Source: Parade

The drama focussed into the investigation of multiple killings in the secluded state of Montana, Big Sky, is confirmed for a renewal. The second season has been confirmed and this is some good news for the fans of Big Sky. ABC announced this week regarding the return of Big Sky in the US. However, the streaming service did not give enough information about the release date of the show.

This is understandable as the first season is yet to reach its end. Digital Spy recently reviewed the show and called it highly entertaining which had a soapy affair touch to it. Its very serious subject matter had been clashed with pantomime villains. The center of the controversy had been the subject matter which evidently focussed on women getting kidnapped and murdered in the show.

Source: IMDb

The show was then criticized to a large extent, especially by groups representing Indigenous people and tribes, for being insensitive culturally. This issue arose as the show focussed more on the plight of white women whereas the case is not the same when it comes to kidnapping and murdering women in real life.

In actual case, it is Indigenous women who face these issues unfortunately. The backlash was given a response by the show’s bosses who said that, “After meaningful conversations with representatives of the Indigenous community, our eyes have been opened to the outsized number of Nativ American and Indigenous women who go missing and are murdered each year, a sad and shocking fact.”

The response further read, “We are grateful for this education and are working with Indigenous groups to help bring attention to this important issue”. The show has been available to stream in the UK on Disney+ as it has been a part of its Star library.


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