Bill Murray Responds to Doobie Brothers Complaint by Offering Up Some ‘Ugly Golf Shirts’ This Tee-rific incident took a humourous course


The entire episode began with Bill Murray using the 1970s American rock band, The Doobie Brother’s soundtrack Listen to the Music in the ads for his golf shirts, Zero Hucks Given.

The Zero Hucks Given polo line was inspired by Mark Twain’s character Huckleberry Finn and features designs that surround events in the novel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The polos stand at $78 each. 

A cease and desist letter was sent to Murray by the band’s legal advisor, Peter T. Paterno who instead of “threat(ening)” the actor with “eternal damnation” chose to send a cheeky letter instead. 

The Doobie Brothers letter to Bill Murray:

In the letter, the legal advisor suggested Murray change the name of his golf polo from Zero Hucks Given to Zero Bucks Given considering the latter did not pay the royalties to use the song in his ad. 

The Lost in Translation actor was also compared to Donald Trump, as the only person apart from Murray who uses music without permission. Ouch, that has got to hurt. 

Paterno further threw a punch at Murray for consciously choosing to do the Garfield films. Lastly, he concluded by calling the shirts “so damn ugly”. 

Murray reacts to the letter:

In a healthy turn of events, Murray and his team took the cease and desist letter with the most positive outlook as they complimented them for “finding levity in the law” during such trying times when the world could use a laugh. 

However, one-upping The Doobie Brother, Murray’s representatives offered to “happily upgrade (your) wardrobe” of all the band members.


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