Billie Lourd, the American Horror Story star is ready to land a new movie!!

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Which movie is Billie Lourd aiming for?

Recent reports mentioned that Billie Lourd is aiming for a role in an upcoming romantic drama Ticket to Paradise. The movie will be featuring George Clooney and Julia Roberts and it is directed by Ol Parker. The shooting will be held in Australia later this year. The story is penned by Parker and Daniel Pepsi. 

Sources tell that American Horror Story’s actor Billie Lourd is trying to negotiate to play the role of a recent college graduate who will travel to Bali with her best friend to be in the movie. 

What is the expected Storyline for the movie?

Clooney and Roberts are going to play the role of a divorced couple who went together to Bali. Their only aim to visit Bali together is to stop their daughter from repeating the same mistake which they made 25 years ago. Besides this, Clooney and Roberts are the producers of the film as well via Smokehouse Pictures and Red Om Films. 

Courtesy: Screen Rant

Chances whether he will get the role or not!!

There are chances that he might get the role as it is the only character that is not decided yet, but to find out whether we’ll get to see him in the movie or not, we have to wait until the final list of the cast is released by the filmmakers.

We will keep you updated with all the information from the officials. Stay tuned with us and enjoy reading.


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