Blac Chyna Storms Out of NoJumper Interview After Soulja Boy Questions



  • No Jumper host Adam invited Blac Chyna to talk about her upcoming music venture.
  • He asked her about her past relationship with Soulja Boy.
  • Chyna did not like his questions and left the interview.
  • Viewers are finding it very hilarious that she left her interview in the middle.
  • Some also noted that she was not energetic from the start of the interview.

Inside Story

Recently, Blac Chyna was interviewed by Adam 22 on his platform called No Jumper. The interview with Chyna was going well until he asked her a question about Soulja Boy. She did not appreciate at left the interview. You can check his Instagram post below.


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And that was the moment Blac Chyna walked out of her interview 😂😂😂

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In the past, Adam has interviewed many celebrities. He got an incredible opportunity to interview some of the biggest artists back when they were not even popular. Adam mostly operates out of his BMX shop and loves to interview hip-hop artists. And recently, he sat down with Blac Chyna.

Chyna needs no introduction! Every news channel, paparazzi, and website know who she is. She has been notoriously famous for her relationships in the past with various celebrities and various artists.

But currently, she is busy creating her music. The No Jumper host, Adam asked few questions about her music, but at one point he jumped his question from her music to her personal life. He asked Chyna about her past relationship with Soulja Boy. He also asked whether she would ever work with him in the future.

Chyna wasn’t comfortable with the question, and her behavior said that she did not appreciate it all. She told the host was being weird with her. After that, she did not continue the interview and exited the room.

As she left, Amadam made a sarcastic joke. In the past, he has dealt with many situations like this before, so it did not affect him.

The 18 minutes interview clip is currently available on YouTube. If you watch the entire video, you will notice, that Blac Chyna was not energetic to give the interview. You can check out the complete video of the interview below.

Final Words

Some of the viewers also pointed out that Chyna did not have much to talk about her music as well. They also added that it is not the host’s fault if he asked her a question about her previous relationship. The question seemed provocative to Chyna, but fans found it really funny.

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