Black Cotton Star Release Date, Cast Members And More

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ZQ Entertainment has purchased the rights to “Black Cotton Star,” and is working on an intriguing new graphic novel version. The original work is an epic World War II narrative about three black American soldiers who travel throughout Europe in search of a stolen item from US history, which was initially published in French by Dupuis and then imported to the United States by Pegasus Books.

The movie will be directed by Reginald Hudlin, who was a producer on “Django Unchained,” a writer for Marvel’s “Black Panther” comic books, and has produced films including “Marshall” and “House Party,” according to Deadline.

While “Black Cotton Star” may not be as well-known as some of Hudlin’s other comic ventures, the graphic book received positive reviews from publications such as Publisher Weekly and Atomic Junk Shop.

While there are still many unknowns regarding when “Black Cotton Star” will be shown on the big screen, the studio has provided a few information about the film for fans to go on. Here’s all we know about “Black Cotton Star’s” release date, cast, and narrative.

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Black Cotton Star – Release Date

With just the rights acquisition and director now known, predicting the exact delivery time frame for “Black Cotton Star” is impossible. Fans can, however, make some informed predictions.

It’s reasonable to presume the film is still in its early stages without any news about the cast or a filming timeline. Casting and location scouting both cost time and resources. Following the completion of those tasks, the actual process of filming, editing, and marketing the film may begin.

Given all of this, “Black Cotton Star” is expected to be at least a year away, arriving in the summer or fall of 2022 at the earliest. However, such a rapid turnaround time presupposes that nothing goes wrong, and it may be too short for the film’s breadth, which spans various periods and examines the lives of Black Americans. As a result, the movie’s release date may be pushed back until the end of 2022, maybe even into 2023.

Black Cotton Star – Cast Members

There have been no cast announcements for “Black Cotton Star,” however Deadline did identify some of the project’s creative brains. Benjamin Raab and Deric Hughes, writing partners who have previously authored scripts for programmes including “The Flash,” “Arrow,” and “Scream,” are adapting the story for the film. 

Yves Sente and Steve Cuzor, the original graphic novel’s author and artist, as well as director Reginald Hudlin, have been appointed producers. If there are any hints as to who may play the three principal parts of the Black American troops who trek across war-torn Europe to reclaim the item that gives the picture its name, it could come from Hudlin’s previous work as a director. 

Hudlin has collaborated with numerous brilliant Black performers on films such as “Marshall,” “Safety,” and “The Great White Hype” throughout the course of his 20-year career. While it’s too soon to say if he’ll reconnect with any of them, there’s a potential he’ll choose to work with someone with whom he already has a professional relationship.

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