Black Lightning’s Nafessa Williams Calls for Hollywood To Confront Inequality In Personal Essay


As we saw the web series named Black Lightning season 3 recently which is, as usual, available on Netflix. Nafessa Williams is someone who takes a creative appeal to solve a social problem. On many sources, she is labeled for Hollywood who confronts the issues of inequality. 

She made her acting as her strength and courage to telecast for a first Black lesbian superhero. Her character results in breaking off the barriers of inequality in Hollywood for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Her role has impacted the whole of Hollywood in many ways and every respect. We need more shows and series to represent the characters both in front and also behind the cameras. Hollywood should hire more Black writers to tell the hidden Black Stories. The audiences also have to support them by seeing, hearing, and treating them equally in all industries.

Black Lightning’s Nafessa Williams Calls for Hollywood To Confront Inequality In Personal Essay

She just addressed her proper motives to the other Black actors, writers, agencies, and producers. She appreciated the panel of Black Lightning because it was able to show the real beauty of Black lives. It also showed that changes need to start within the agencies, studios, and networks. If we all don’t confront and strive to change the inequality issues, then we can’t able to take the benefits for what we are living for. 

As per her personal essay, we can conclude that we must take only wise unorthodoxy beliefs in a trend not make uneven diversity in a trend. All races will race together for better humanity not only in Hollywood but also in every part of the globe. Her acting and her essay meet the hearts of entire Hollywood. And it is certain that fans must be eagerly waiting for the 4th sequel of the Black Lightning series.

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