Black Mirror – All about Season 6:


Black Mirror is a British Science fiction television series which is depicted by Charlie Brooker. The black mirror is all about screens like TVs, Phones and all that we can think of. They became a major part of our lives nowadays as we are growing gradually with technology. Our relationship with screens is actually affecting human lives around us, rather we should observe them twisting our day to day life in such a manner that the screens are becoming an obsession for many of us.

The series makers want to show us that with the advancement, using such technology at our disposal can lead us to see amazing results in life or make it worse than an edict’s life.

The show has won 9 Emmy awards till now and 17 times nominated in British Academy film awards where they won 2 till now. It has a huge base of fan-followership and 83% rotten tomato ratings. 

As it’s a highly acclaimed series, the creator Charlie Brooker commented in a recent interview that nothing can stop them for the next season. That means there will be continuity in the series, but fans have to wait for an officialized statement from the makers on the release dates. 

Black Mirror – All about Season 6:

A quick flashback of previous seasons:

Black Mirror series has a standalone storyline in each episode, which is slightly connected with the previous stories. It has shown the life of people with new and advanced technologies, and how it is ruining their lives. 

People are foolishly following the trend in buying everything new they can buy, including gadgets with screen every now and then. Peoples life gets attached to the technology so much that it in-turn, twists their relations and they end up with hopelessness eventually. The stories are a combination of dark life led by people (some of them can be around us too, actually) and some open-ended questions for the future to come. 

As each episode is unique and does not resemble any past storyline, it keeps the viewers on the toes and engaged throughout the episodes, keeping the curiosity all-time high for the fan base. Since the series is a combination of Standalone episodes there is no clue what will be happening in the next season. Definitely, it will show technological advancement with a dilemma in people’s minds with its consequences.

 Fans who are waiting eagerly to watch more new series in the next season have to wait till the next announcement by Brooker. As there was none repetitive cast which has performed excellently well in the past series, we can’t just guess who will be in the upcoming cast to make us want it more.bPreviously we have seen fabulous performances by very talented actors such as Daniel Kaluuya, Alex Lawther, Jon Hamm, Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott, and many more.

So, guys, we will keep you posted and updated with fantastic upcoming news related to Black Mirror. Till then stay safe and Stay tuned with us.


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