Black Mirror Season 6 skeptical about adding new cast members


Technology has taken over the world. In transformers we have seen how Arnold saved the day. Hypothetically, it couldn’t be denied that the day is not far from happening. In the coming period we might need some Arnold to save the planet. 

The radical evolution in technology has created a stir in the current age. The digital era has spread its wings and impacted lives unimaginably. Black Mirror has focused on underlying the impact of technology in our lives. The first season premiered in 2013 and was released on Netflix in 2015. Both television and OTT platforms have been conquered well by the series. 

Release date of Black Mirror 6: 

There were rumors that the manufacturing of the script was supposed to start in Mid 2020. The current pandemic situation has created chaos by shutting down the work entirely. Therefore, the scripting hasn’t started yet. The release date of Black Mirror is circulating due to the anticipation. There hasn’t been any concrete announcement by the creators. We are expecting that the work would resume in a few months and the release date would be around 2021 or 2022. 

Black Mirror Season 6 skeptical about adding new cast members

Cast of Black Mirror 6: 

The plot of Black Mirror 6 is about how technology manipulates the current live scenarios. The stars of the last season were Alex Lawther, Miley Cyrus, Jon Hamm, Andrew Scott, Daniel Kaluuya, and others. The current cast list has not been announced as the scripting work is in the process. We are expecting a whole new set of actors this time in the show. 

Plot of Black Mirror 6: 

As discussed above the storyline of Black Mirror 6 would remain on the same theme, i.e., technology Vs. Humans. There could be a whole new angle to the story, but the sequence is likely to remain the same. The speculations are ripe that this time there could be six episodes in all. 

Trailer news for Black Mirror 6: 

As the work is still at the initial stage so the launch of the trailer is too far-fetched. However, if the situations improve in the future, then we are expecting the trailer to drop in the early months of 2021. The same is waiting for official affirmation. 

The show has garnered a handsome amount of fan following over the years. Netflix is also open headedly welcoming the show’s upcoming seasons. The reason behind the same is the immense popularity of the sow. Well, that was all from our end. We would soon be updating about any leaks we land up in the upcoming period. 


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