Black Spot Season 3: Publish Date, Crew & Plot

Courtesy: CubeDuel


Black Spot’s second edition came out on 14th June 2019. The series has obtained a ton of applause for its dark tale and the environment of a murky unusual city where all terrible stuff occurs. All events have merely the proper proportion of affair to save the observers clipped till the extreme verge. The tale has a ton of subplots, every one of them as unusual as the other.

A killing paradox, a conspiracy hypothesis, something strange rambling with the animals, and the alarming history of its identities — ‘Black Spot’ harnesses a ton of plot degrees at a single point. Whereas, the initial two editions counter a few of them in case there is yet a ton of concerns persisting. Deeming the huge vogue of the sequel, we anticipate the exhibit to be restored similarly. As per the promising calculations, the ‘Black Spot’ third edition should publish anytime in June 2020. We will revise this category as soon as we discover it further.


Officer Major Laurène Weiss is the chief of the Gendarmerie (I.e. police) of her city which is named Villefranche, a minor, remote, fictitious city encircled by a 50,000-acre woodland in the cliffs. Prosecutor Franck Siriani comes to understand why the city’s homicide percentage is six times the nationwide normal; he furthermore has a concern in examining the chief’s hazed history. The woodland is a bizarre and extremely hazardous position, in which numerous homicides occur.


Courtesy: CubeDuel
  • Laurène Weiss plays the main part in the show. She depicts the role of the head officer of the town. 
  • Hubert Delattre pretends to be Teddy Bear. 
  • Laurent Capelluto is playing the role of Franck Siriani. 
  • Samuel Jouy pretends to be Bertrand Steiner.
  • Camille Aguilar acts to be Cora Weiss.
  • Renaud Rutten depicts the personality of Louis Hermann.
  • Brigitte Sy functions as part of Sabine Hennequin.
  • Naidra Ayadi who has also played a part in Puzzle. 
  • Anne Suarez, who was also involved in Guyana, and Cain.
  • Dan Herzberg, who played a role in Femme Fatale and Taxi. 
  • Olivier Bonjour who also functioned in Among the Shadows. 
  • Thomas Doret, who was also a part of the cast in The Kid with a Bike. 
  • Tiphaine Davoit, who also played a part in The Climb. 
  • Aamir Boitard, who was also involved in Spiral’, ‘No Limit.
  • Cyrielle Debreuil who has also functioned Lile.
  • Theo Costa-Marini, who is also one of the crew of The Take as well as The Sower.


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