Zombies over the years have become a very crucial part of our entertainment life. You must have already watched many movies and web series of this genre and some of them are the embankments of this genre like The Walking Dead series and movies like War Z. There is one thing which is very common in the zombie movies, whether a group of people is trying to demolish the zombies or a group of creepy zombies are trying to eat the humans. But Black Summer offers something different. In this web series there is one-on-one face-off between a human and a Zombie and the struggle to kill a Zombie is what makes this series somewhat different. Black Summer Season-1 premiered on Netflix in 2019 and it has 8 episodes with each episode having a run-time of 20-40 minutes.

In June 2021, Black Summer is returning back with its Season-2 only on Netflix with all its horrifying glory. It is a Netflix Original zombie-thriller. Black Summer is set years before the dark nights and days of the Zombie apocalypse. The story revolves around a mother who joins a group of total strangers to find her daughter and their loved ones which are lost. The creator of the series, Karl Schaefer and John Hyams are coming back with a more nuanced, darker tone in this season and definitely a whole lot of skin crawling zombie faces.

The cast of Black Summer include Jaime King, the lead character of Rose. Justin Chu Cary as Spears, Kelsey Flower as Lance and Christine Lee as Sun, these are some familiar faces from the Season-1 who will be returning back with their amazing acting skills.

The release date of this series is officially set on Thursday, June 17, 2021. Buckle up to meet the zombies in the snow this time!




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