Black Widow’s Rotten Tomatoes Reviews were not quite good


Much of Marvel’s film universe’s fourth phase took root on television. “WandaVision,” “The Soldier of Falcon, the Winter,” and “Loki” have all glistened fans in the comfort of their own homes via Disney+, and a feature-length counterpart has only recently joined them. 

On July 9, Disney+ Premier Access and theatres worldwide released the long-awaited solo film “Black Widow.” This not only puts an end to the MCU film dryness imposed by COVID-19, but it also delves into one of the franchise’s most prolific yet undeveloped characters.

“Black Widow” focuses on Natasha Romanoffs’ (Scarlett Johansson) past, present, and future, and takes place between the events of “Captain America: Civil War” and “Avengers: Infinity War.” She’s on the run from the US government, confronted with the bloody, disgraceful past of General Dreykov’s Red Room, and pondering what she’ll do now that the Avengers have split. 

This premise has prompted fans to flock to the film’s preview night on July 8, for a total of $13.2 million, which many believe will amount to $80 or $90 million in the opening weekend. 

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Black Widow has fared well will the majority of viewers

So far, “Black widow” has wowed audiences from all walks of life. It currently has an 80 percent Certification Fresh critical score, with a consensus that says, ‘Black Widow’s deeper themes remain a strong, independent adventure complete with a stellar cast support.’ 

Public viewers, on the other hand, have been somewhat more forgiving, with a 92 percent audience score. These percentages may change in the future, but they are not a cause for concern right now.

While not as enthusiastic as the majority, everyone who watched ‘Black Widow’ liked it. Natasha ‘never feels more than a footnote on the screen,’ according to Maya Phillips of The New York Times, the entire film was an unacceptable detour into the grand scheme of the MCU. 

Vicki S’s observation that the “Black Widow” is part of its third act in the same Marvel explosive formulation is also part of the non-critical apathy. You end your review by stating that “I feel sorry for all the fans of the Black Widow film who have been claiming for so long. They were entitled to better.”


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