Black Widow’s Solo Film Gives Natasha a Love Interest

Black Widow's Solo Film Gives Natasha a Love Interest
Black Widow's Solo Film Gives Natasha a Love Interest

Following Natasha’s death in Avengers Endgame, fans were heartbroken that they may never see their favorite superhero again. They need not be worried anymore. Black Widow will be getting her own feature film on 7 May 2021, set between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. It has also been hinted that she may be having a love interest in the film!

The cast of the film includes Scarlett Johnson, Florence Pugh, Rachel Weis, O-T Fanbenle. It has also been rumored that Robert Downey Jr may be making an appearance as Iron Man.

O-T Fanbenle will be playing the role of Rick Mason who according to the comic books is better known by his alias, The Agent. He is supposedly a freelance mercenary who takes care of recruiting superheroes without any unnatural superpower.

You can watch the trailer of the movie here- 

Fannie recently said in an interview that, “He’s (Mason) had a relationship doing that work for the Black Widow, and they have a bit of a vibe going on. There’s a sense that there’s more to their relationship than it being purely work-related, so that’s always in the mix.”

This statement has led many fans to speculate if Black Widow will get a love interest in this movie. Apart from that, this movie will also reveal the next potential Black Widow.

The movie was originally scheduled to be released this year but due to the technical difficulties caused due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the release date has been postponed. The movie is still in the post-production process.

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