‘Bless The Harts’ Creator Emily Spivey Reveals What Is Ahead For The Characters



  • Fans are more than happy after the series dropped another season on September 27.
  • Emily Spivey, who is the creator of the series, said that the new season features a guest star.
  • She also talked about Violet, Jenny, and Wayne.

Inside Story

This Sunday, Bless the Harts finally returned with season two and fans dancing with joy. They can now take relief because the series is here to stay for a longer period. However, some viewers were not happy with the debut season because it was not up to the mark.

And we do hope the second season does not disappoint its viewers again. Also, check out the announcement of their season premiere below.


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What’s hotter than a 🌭? The new season of Bless the Harts! Get your fill tomorrow night after @thesimpsons.

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Bless the Harts is an animation series which features women from three generations who deal with their kids and married life. According to the sources, season 2 has 22 episodes. Recently, the creator of the series spoke to a news source and disclosed a new guest star, what is ahead, and more details.

Continue reading to find out the latest updates about the animated show. Check out the exclusive scoop from creator Emily Spivey about the second season and its characters.

Emily revealed the plot picks up with Betty and Jerry, and Violet. She reveals, that Violet has been sneaking out daily, and Betty and Jenny are concerned about her. One day, they begin to follow Violet after finding something suspicious. Emily said that the second season would start with funny and relatable family stories.

In the previous season, Wayne and Jenny were almost about to get married. Their relationship is still strong in the second season. They are happily raising their witty kid Violet, and in the new season, fans will get to see more fun between father and daughter.

Violet will be more notorious and take advantage of Wayne’s sweet nature. The second season is going to be more fun where the show creators are going to explore different sides of their family.

Viewers might get to see Wayne and Jenny getting married soon in the future, but it seems like Jenny is allergic to getting hitched. Emily also revealed that many guest stars are going to appear in season 2.

Christopher Meloni will be appearing as a detective in Bless the Harts. She also talked about his role in Law & Order: SVU and said he has the funniest voice, which made them all laugh so hard. 

Emily also added that Jesus would be returning in the next season, and she stated that other than Jenny, there is another character, who will see him more often in the animated series. 


Bless the Harts crew has planned a lot of surprise for the fans in season 2. They are going to enjoy each episode that involves Violet’s naughty activities. Do not miss to watch season 2, which airs on Fox, on Sundays at 8:30 pm. Check back with us daily to find more news about your favorite animated series.


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