Bliss Ending Explained: Which World Is Reality?

Courtesy: Cinema Blend

Amazon Studios after the terrific after 2020 came out with an unexpected and unique concept movie. Where the main storyline focuses on learning to appreciate the good and encourage it in any situation. Even the circumstances arise while appreciation is truly terrible. 

The main faces and film start Salma Hayek as Isabel Clemens and Owen Wilson as Greg Wittle are on a journey to explore nature’s reality. 

Spoiler Alert! Ending of Bliss [Explained]

 ‘Bliss’ main message to viewers is to make an attempt to encourage them to see the positive in a dystopian present.

In the start when the main character Greg was introduced to the viewers, his life was a kind of a mess. Greg in the beginning was completely addicted to painkillers. His like became terrible when he was fired from his job. Greg moved into an unexpected situation where mistakenly he killed his boss and ran away from the murder spot to a bar across the road. In that critical situation, he meets with Isabel the mysterious character.

Bliss Ending: Explained

The complete storyline follows a pair from the series hijinks. Apart from this its been formulated around a small belief. Where they think that nothing else matters in simulation. Greg daughter’s Emily pleads with him to take her along when the storyline cuts back to his  “real world.” 

Instead of talking her along Greg reunites with Isabel. Then both together do drugs, after which Isabel insist to Greg that Emily is a simulation and with complete confidently “not real.” Furthermore, Isabel also insists that they are performing an experiment and are scientists from Utopia. 

“As long as you take some blue crystals you will remember all of this” assured Isabel to Greg. According to her, these crystals are eventually meant to “wake” him from the simulation.

Courtesy: Cinema Blend

Unfortunately, they have brought some negative and unfortunate simulation in the utopian reality after he didn’t take enough crystals. With time Isabel’s behaviour goes on erratic. Later, Greg even said to her that he wants to live in a place where there’s no drug. 

The mystery then uncovered when Greg ran to a rehab centre, and the therapist in charge detailed everything and encouraged him that they are recovering from the effects of chasing “bliss.” Emily world at the end was aaid the real world and bliss is the name of that drug. 

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