Blockbuster Hollywood survey: Men more likely to view the entertainment industry as valuing diversity than women


The Hollywood industry often takes surveys for understanding the cultural values in the whole entertainment industry. They have received about 49% of responses who believes that diversity and inclusion are the core values of the industry. 

Last Thursday the Hollywood Commission took a step to break down the reports further to check the specific numbers to understand the differences in thinking between the men and the women.

Though it’s not just about the gender the races as well in the industry which change the survey ratings.

The survey states that: 63% of white men consider that the Hollywood industry is changing and they are welcoming different diverse backgrounds people, as compared to 42% of the white woman and 27% of the black woman. 

Anita Hill, the famous Lawyer and the Chair of the Hollywood Commission has released the survey and the linked findings. She took into consideration the facts on sexual harassment and gender inequality in the Hollywood industry.

The survey was done on approximately 10,000 people in the industry to understand the same. According to her reports, it is visible that there are differences in experiences as well as in perceptions if we consider the particular word diversity.

Her 1st part of the survey reveals that 65% of people doubt that sexual harassment in Hollywood should be held accountable to any extent. 

In the 2nd part of Anita Hill’s survey, She found out that there is a huge thought process difference between men and women.

75% of men considered that the Hollywood industry has made a lot of progress in welcoming diversified people and they are way too positive about it compared to 63% of women. 

Considering 78% of white men and 67% of Black men in the industry, they consider that the industry is progressing. On the other hand, 66% of White women, 50% biracial women, 47% black women are not likely to agree on the same viewpoint. 

Anita Hill is not only fighting against sexual harassment but accepting diversity in the industry considers that diversity and inclusion should be the base in any industry. Anita Hill has chaired the Hollywood commission since 2017 and always take a very crucial part when it is about injustice to a human being. 

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