Blood Red Sky Ending Explained On Netflix

Blood Red Sky Ending Explained On Netflix
Blood Red Sky Ending Explained On Netflix

The new movie ‘Blood Red Sky’ creates a brooding environment of horror and thriller which mixes supernatural with a hint of political arena. The plot of the film follows a woman named Nadja who is going to see a doctor in New York for her mysterious health condition. She is joined by her son named Elias on a flight bound for New York.

But soon the flight gets in turmoil as it has been hijacked by a group of hijackers – Berg, Karl, Eightball, and Kurtis who are being aided by the copilot of the flight, Bastian Buchner.

The hijacking is not the only thing that is scary but when in a blink of an eye the plane gets too bloody, it is definitely a matter of concern. But what happened exactly? If you’re still lingering on this question, let us break down the finale for you. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Storyline Of ‘Blood Red Sky’

A plane named Transatlantic 473 has apparently been hijacked on its way to New York and Colonel Alan Drummond is overseeing the mission. He is guiding his team to escape the passengers meanwhile waiting for sundown for a strike at hijackers.

As mentioned before Nadja has a serious ailment and previously it was seen that his son got help from a man named Farid while Nadja is busy taking her heavy dose medications.

Storyline Of ‘Blood Red Sky’
Storyline Of ‘Blood Red Sky’

Back in the plane, Nadja becomes nervous and attempts to escape to the cargo, but psychopath Eightball shoots her. Meanwhile, the two Muslim men on flight named Farid and Mohammad are being framed as the member of an international terrorist group as they are asked to read an Arabic Transcript.

Unfortunately, the hijackers did not plan for a vampiric encounter. After being bitten by a man in the woods, Nadja has become an undead vampire. When she bites one of the bad guys, he joins the party of vampires. Slowly, the airplane turns into the site of a hellish bloodbath.

Is Nadja Dead or Alive? And, is Farid arrested?

Elias is seen to be in a state of helplessness as he tries to convince the colonel that Farid is not the bad guy. Elias is taken to an ambulance, but when the Colonel knows that there are explosives on the airplane, he greenlights the mission.

Before anyone could understand what was happening, the colonel’s team is attacked by the infected vampires. When Elias tries to save his vampire mother, Eightball who is now also a vampire comes after him, hoping to infect him.

Elias opens the airplane hatch and throws EightBall into the air. He tries to get back but is burned alive by the sight of the sun. After the episode, Elias cuts his hand to make Nadja drink his blood. Nadja becomes mobile, but her vampiric self seemingly overpowers her humane instincts.

However, Elias brings out the detonator from his teddy bear and blows up the plane for the lack of a better alternative. It seems that Nadja is dead as the fire is an effective repellent against vampires.

After the vampire breakout, Elias is compelled to blow up the entire airplane as directed by his mother. The army is taking Farid away, but when Farid hears Elias’ call, he runs to regroup. In the penultimate moments, Farid embraces Elias, and the Colonel asks his men to let Farid go. Therefore, it seems that he is not arrested, after all.


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