Bold Type Star Reacts To “Challenging” Republican Story Backlash

Source: Yahoo News India

For the majority of its life, The Bold Type has been a forward-thinking and critically lauded show, but one plot in particular sparked debate among fans when Kat Edison began a relationship with a Republican lady. 

The Challenging Republican Story

Nikohl Boosheri, who plays Kat’s love interest Adena El-Amin, has spoken out about the “difficult” backlash-inducing relationship, despite not being part in that story.

“Oh, that’s difficult,” she said to Digital Spy. “I was not present.” Even as Nikohl, I feel like the ex-lover since I’m envious that I’m not there. ‘What the hell?’ I think to myself.

“However, the actors did a great job with a really difficult storyline.” It’s impossible to predict how an audience will react. 

Source: Digital Spy

“Not every idea is… you know, there’s so many levels to how it’s going to translate in the end.” But I think they did a fantastic job, and it’s not my position to pass judgement on Kat’s other suitors.” 

Aisha Dee, who plays Kat, has previously criticised the plot – despite giving it her all – as well as the absence of diversity behind the scenes, which made the on-screen varied casting less real.

Nikohl made these remarks during a lengthy interview for our Rainbow Crew series, in which she discussed the show’s finale and the implications of portraying a gay Muslim woman on film. 

The Bold Type is available on Freeform in the United States and Netflix in the United Kingdom.

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