The Chicago P.D. series of police action dramas will premiere season 8 on 11 November as laid down in NBC’s fall schedule as of August the schedule was announced.

Delays and delays!!

Recall that the pandemic of coronavirus in the world has halted all the work. The crew and cast then took a forced break so that the film set could not be infectious. However, they managed to shoot the scenes in the mid-October portion of the latest episodes of Season 8 of Chicago PD, the fan-loving police procedural.

P.D. fans in Chicago, during the entire episode, were fascinated by the on-and-off relationship between Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek. The pair have done little since the first season except come and go with their thoughts.

Kim and Adam!!

Consider the Chicago officer couple P.D for a lengthy period. When Kim became pregnant, then they sadly lost the baby, they came together again in Season 7. The tragic moment for Kim and Adam prompted fans to expect that both of them certainly will have the opportunity to reconnect and it is that the Chicago showcase P.D. strengthened his notion of the final marriage between Kim and Adam.

Rick Eid told TV Guide that they would be having “happier days” with the arrival of the new season. Fans viewed it as an end to the sporadic connection between the police.

Eid asked the fans if Kim and Adam were better than mates in this respect. It might be beneficial to write to both of them as friends because their relationship has always been on and off. Eid indicated that Kim and Adam were not going to a meeting and that their relationship could stop for good.

The creators and Chicago P.D. comment about the position of the officers should also point out that both Kim and Adam might find success if they shared an intimate relationship with the other half oranges. It will however be seen when the next season 8 premiere will occur.


Now what will be the actual relation between Kim and Adam can be known only after watching the upcoming season. Till then we need to wait but the wait will over soon on 11th November.

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