Book deal based on Rukmini Callimachi’s ‘Caliphate’ podcast threatened as New York Times scrutinizes sources


Sources state that Rukmini Callimachi’s book deal may be in jeopardy.

The book deal, which is based on the New York Times’ reporter’s podcast, ‘Caliphate’ could blow up over supposed slip-ups in the series.

An American-Romanian journalist, Callimachi has been the recipient of many awards and has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and an Emmy Award. The first episode of ‘Caliphate’ appeared on 19 April 2018. 

A publishing insider allegedly stated, “She has a big book deal With Penguin Random House based on ‘Caliphate’ which is now in serious jeopardy.” Penguin Random House has still not announced the book deal, as of now. 

According to the Washington Post, the hit audio series by Callimachi is now “under investigation from a team of Times journalists”. On Sunday, a media column in the New York Times reported that the Callimachi “now faces intense criticism from inside the Times and out”. A well-known reporter on terrorism, Rukmini Callimachi has been criticised by several experts, for some of her more controversial opinions. 

The biggest controversy, which took place last month, is in regard to the source and the main subject of ‘Caliphate’, Abu Huzayfah. A supposed ISIS soldier, the man from whom Callimachi received most of the information for the podcast was arrested by the Canadian authorities because he had allegedly pulled a hoax.

Reportedly, the man calling himself Abu Huzayfah is actually called Shehroze Chaudhry. The details of the arrest aren’t clear but everyone involved in the podcast has seemingly come under fire.

No representatives from Penguin Random House or the New York Times have been available for comment on the incident, reports Page Six. 


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